Tricia has had it in her heart to be a writer all her life, ever since she was a little girl in a children’s home. It has been her dream all this time and now it is being fulfilled.

Tricia has written 4 books so far, ‘Polly Brown’, ‘The Trouble with Polly Brown’, and for younger readers ‘Princess Polly’. Her latest book, the hilarious ‘Don’t Take The Same Plane As Me!’, will also be available early September 2012.


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John, Tricia’s husband, says “The response to both Polly Brown has been really amazing. Tricia and I have been very encouraged. Many who have read the book have been extremely moved and found themselves laughing and crying as they follow Polly on her journey.”

Tricia has appeared on various TV programs. Click on the link to view clip:


Tricia has a big heart for all those who have suffered abuse or heartache, & her heart is to touch the world and bring a message of hope to those who have none…